Q: I’m looking to book a hair appointment for a sew in with leave out, how many bundles would I need to achieve a full look?

A: All of our bundles are very thick from roots to ends, we would recommend purchasing a minimum of 3 bundles for a full look. You can purchase more depending on the look that is being desired.

Q: What's the difference between a frontal and a closure?

A: We offer 5x5 HD closures and 13x4 HD frontals. Both are very great options and will help complete your look. The closure covers temple to temple and can be parted one-three ways. The frontal covers from ear to ear and can be manipulated more than the closure. *All of our closures and frontals come free parted*

Q: What's a free part lace?

A: All of our closures and frontals come free parted. This means that you are free to choose how your hair will be parted upon installing.

Q: How many bundles is recommended for a full look?

A: Our hair is very full and comes from one donor. It's recommended to purchase at 4 bundles with a closure or frontal for full results. 

Q: Why is it important that the hair comes from one donor?

A:The hair business is very competitive so a lot of suppliers will use more than one donor and combine the hair with unnatural fillers to increase their sales. Nairobi  Extensions works directly with the suppliers to ensure the hair is coming from one donor, to provide our customers with 100% authentic Raw Cambodian Hair.

Q: What type of lace do we provide?

A: We provide HD laces, 5x5 closures and 13x4 frontals.

Q: Can our hair be bleached?

A: Yes, you can bleach our hair. Our hair is 100% Raw Cambodian hair so you can treat it like you would treat your real hair. Just like the real hair on your head, you will have to give the hair tender, love, and care so the hair stays looking amazing. 

Q: How many tape in extensions do you need to achieve a full look?

A: Our tape in extensions come with 120 pieces. Which is 300 grams of hair. One order of our tape ins will help achieve the full natural look.